Friday, October 9, 2009

Wordsmiths on the Tree Sling

My newest creation is the Tree Sling, made of chambray and high quality cotton.  I "sketched" the tree onto the sling with my trusty old singer, Lucy.  Each sling is one of a kind, reversible, and has a pocket.  What words would you use to describe this sling?  Please leave your comments!  Thanks for your help.


  1. Promote walking in cooler weather.

    "Don't miss out on the fresh air just because its cooler outside! Bundle up baby and keep them extra warm against your chest in this seasonal design, Ashen timber."

  2. have 14 lines for descriptive words/tags you can use! here goes:
    handmade, sweet carrier, baby sling, adorable pouch, soft snuggly, cotton sling, handsewn tree,reversible, chambray fabric, new mom, hands free, washable, inside pocket, Nimbu'Ru

    hope this helps! I love doing these, so if you have any more,(and this is what you needed) send them my way!

    xo, Rosemary