Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Idea

One day my sister Corissa was telling me that she really wanted a sling for her 5 week old baby Oliver, but was frustrated that they were so expensive. I said, "Why don't you just try making one? It can't be that hard." And that's how Nimbu'Ru was born! That night I found a long message from Corissa in my Facebook inbox with all kinds of ideas for our new venture. She suggested the name. "Nimbu" is what her son Rivers calls me because his two-year-old lips can't quite form the name "Amber" yet. "'Ru" is short for Kangaroo and symbolizes the time Rivers spent with his Mommy and Daddy during "Kangaroo Care" in the Children's Hospital as a premie. The goal of Nimbu'Ru is to create a product that is affordable and accessible to mothers (and fathers) in search of some "hands free" assistance. Stay posted for further developments!
~Amber Hayden