Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Nimbu'Ru Info has moved...

Nimbu'Ru has expanded to include more than baby slings, and we have moved to a new blog location.  Find Nimbu'Ru products at and blog info at

The shop brings together my love of coffee and art.  See you there!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Nimbu'Ru on Break

I will be taking a break from the handmade shop this semester as I will be teaching an architecture studio at UWM.

Thanks so much for following Nimbu'Ru!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

NEW Sweet Pea Snuggle Pod

With the weather getting cooler, I found that Oliver could use a "pod" to keep his little toes warm while he's playing on the floor, nursing, or snuggling.  He's getting bigger now, kicking and wiggling a lot, making it hard to keep a blanket around him.  So, the Snuggle Pod was born.  It has really soft flannel on the outside and even softer minky on the inside.  I'm hoping to get one up in the shop, but if you'd like to snatch one up just email at  I have enough of this sweet flannel to make two more, so if you'd really like one, let me know before they are gone.  $36

Friday, October 9, 2009

Wordsmiths on the Tree Sling

My newest creation is the Tree Sling, made of chambray and high quality cotton.  I "sketched" the tree onto the sling with my trusty old singer, Lucy.  Each sling is one of a kind, reversible, and has a pocket.  What words would you use to describe this sling?  Please leave your comments!  Thanks for your help.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Gift Certificates!

If you'd like to give the gift of Nimbu'Ru, but don't know where to begin when selecting a sling, consider a gift certificate.  Maybe you don't want to spoil the surprise before a baby shower by asking for a sling size.  Perhaps you'd like your gift receiver to pick their own fabric.  A Nimbu'Ru certificate is perfect.  Available for either dollar amounts or sling type, just drop us an email at with questions or orders.  We can provide three different price points for slings.  You can select between:
Nimbu'Ru Basic  $36 sling + shipping (high quality cotton, reversible, pocket, signature stitching.)  
Nimbu'Ru Designer  $52 sling + shipping (high quality designer cotton, reversible, pocket, signature stitching.)
Nimbu'Ru Specialty (soon to come quilt slings, or custom made design, priced per sling.)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tree Sling

Just in time for the holidays, our tree sling is available.  Shown here is Marques with our prototype.  The sling features denim on the exterior and cotton on the interior.  As usual, the sling is reversible and has a pocket.  The beautiful tree does show on both sides.  The denim makes this design fantastic for hiking with Daddy, gardening with Momma, or days at the beach.  Consider this a great gift as we get into the holiday season for anyone with a baby on the way, toddler, newborn, grandbaby, or even a pampered pet.  The sling is not yet posted in the Etsy shop, so just drop us an email at to order.  $52

Saturday, September 19, 2009